When the plane’s door its open and I look out on the ladder, they are hit by a runaway moist heat and the unmistakable scent of cannabis which further accentuate the feeling of numbness that I feel after 12 hours of flying. I’m in paradise.
The guy who unloads luggage from the plane is smoking freely a “porro.”The smug smile and sad at the same time to lose an incredible shot because I have my Nikon at hand.I hear her calling and looking up I see, on the terrace of the small airport of Bucaramanga, my grandparents and my uncle who call me.
The infatuation passes through the senses, sight is the first to be involved, then order hearing, smell and taste.
Skip the first step down the defenses and makes the deeper involvement, the more overwhelming. In South America and particularly in Colombia, you could even try to go a little bit around blindfolded in order to precisely appreciate addition to the beauty of the colors, landscapes and so on.also it sounds, music, sounds, flavors and tastes that are precisely attenuated by visual involvement, according course watch out for pickpockets.What, in my opinion, creates my “sore from South America”, similar to the pain of Africa, I think, it is a kind of deep nostalgia, of odors, which fills you after leaving the continent.
It was October 2015, I had just finished my studies in photography in Paris and I had a few months ago moved from my parents in Barcelona, when I decided to go for a trip to South America between Colombia and Venezuela to take the photographs would, then, filled the pages of this book that recounts the many intense stories and colorful “de calle” and daily life often different from our European quiet lives.This is an “on the road” project, very exciting for me and exciting so I decided, in the digital age, to face it by taking only films and to develop them with an inverted treatment so as to understand the intensity of the scenes, which appeared to me then, indeed, for six months.
Tierra sin Tiempo is my vision to see a completely different parallel world from mine. In my photos it is as if time had stood still, as if past, present and future were the same thing.Colombia, an alien country and to my amazing eyes, even for me who is half Colombian but I always lived in Europe.All this increases the surrealistic and I enjoy the sense to change reality through color and detail shots.I have a tendency to put two vertical images together, forming a diptych to create a sort of parallel world where he lives metaphysical history of the road, like a feature film.
I remember a very hot day in a drought, because of the El Niño phenomenon, when I’m near a village near the city of Bucaramanga, capital of Santander and meeting area in a cul paving a 10 year old boy who is staring at an empty water tank and on its bottom remains a black puddle infested with mosquitoes.
Street photographs reflect the Colombian contemporary society, its decline, degradation and nature capable of overwhelming the environment and buildings.These are the subjects that inspire me, the urban landscapes of cities and towns and people swarming like ants in their streets.
Photographer and text – @joma.juan.pablo https://www.instagram.com/joma.juan.pablo/
Folio – www.pablomajo.com